Treatment abroad

Page updated 23.06.2020 16:59

This product is designed to provide financial protection and practical support should you require treatment for a critical illness

When our client is diagnosed with an eligible medical condition that requires treatment, it’s not just the financial support that can make a difference. We offer practical support every step of the way.

1. Expert medical opinion

As soon as insured person has been diagnosed with an eligible medical condition critical illness he will be transferred to an independent expert medical opinion service, provided by our partner, Advance Medical. This service offers a thorough review of the case, validation of the diagnosis and a recommendation on the best course of treatment from a world-class specialist.  Advance Medical will provide with a detailed report which can be discussed with own doctor, or they can offer to consult with that doctor directly.

2. Finding the best hospital and specialist

Together with insured person, we can help to identify the most appropriate specialists and hospitals to provide the recommended course of treatment.

3.  Organizing travel and accommodation

Our international customer service team will provide all ongoing concierge services. This starts by finding and booking insured persons and his companion’s travel and accommodation during the treatment process, to organizing hospital admission, and to arrange return travel arrangements and coordinate follow up treatment in Armenia.

4. Providing practical help during treatment process

Not only can our international customer service team provide with travel and accommodation services, but they can also assist with any language difficulties which client may experience when receiving treatment in a foreign country, whether that’s conversing with the hospital staff, or managing everyday situations.

What is covered

  • Cancer treatment
  • Coronary artery by-pass
  • Heart valve replacement
  • Live-donor organ or tissue replacement
  • Neurosurgery
  • Bone Marrow Transplant 

For detailed information just give as a call at  +(374 10) 59-10-10. We will answer all questions. Yoy may also apply to one of our offices, the full list with addresses and phone numbers you can find here.