Personal Accident

Page updated 17.04.2020 21:15

The following documents must be submitted to the Insurer:

a) a written statement indicating the circumstances in which the event occurred. The Policyholder (the Insured, Beneficiary, heirs) can receive the application form at the office of the Insurer

b) Original contract / insurance policy

c) the passport.


In addition to the above mentioned, the following documents are submitted:

In case of the insured person suffering (sustaining) injuries:

a) documents of the competent authorities evidencing the occurrence of a certain case that has signs of an insured accident during the time of validity of the insurance contract /policy, about the circumstances of its occurrence, containing a complete diagnosis, information about the duration of treatment, medical and diagnostic measures;

b) an act on a work accident (if necessary, when the connection of the declared case with the performance by the Insured person of official duties should be established), if the Policyholder has been informed about this in advance;

c) a certificate from the medical and social examination body on the establishment of a disability group (category);

In case of temporary disability - a sheet of temporary disability.

In case of death of the Insured person, the following documents must be submitted:

a) Original insurance contract / policy

b) the passport.

c) a copy of the Death Certificate of the Insured Person, certified in the manner prescribed by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia;

d) a medical document (or a copy thereof certified in the manner prescribed by law) indicating the cause of death of the Insured person (extract from the medical certificate of death, conclusion of a medical examiner);

e) a copy of the Certificate of Right to Inheritance, certified in the manner prescribed by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia (submitted only by the heir or heirs).

If the submitted documents do not give an opportunity to make a decision on insurance indemnity payment, the Insurer has the right to request additional documents necessary for making a final decision, as well as conduct an examination of the submitted documents, and independently find out the reasons and circumstances of the insured event.

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