Traffic Accident

Page updated 15.05.2020 11:32

Procedure at the scene of a traffic accident

The procedure for actions at the scene of an accident is established by the rules of the Bureau of Auto Insurers of Armenia, because according to the law,  all car owners must have a CMTPL policy. The standard procedure is as follows:

  • Set the emergency breakdown triangle or turn on the alarm.
  • Call the round-the-clock call-center number (012) 88 88 88 and follow given instructions. If necessary, wait for the arrival of the Road Police officer and/or insurance company representative.
  • Do not move the car and do not touch anything at the scene of the accident if waiting for the Road Police officer or the insurance company representative arrival of and. If it is necessary to take any victims to the hospital, take pictures of the scene of the incident - the relative position of the cars, the damage and traces and other items related to the incident.
  • You must comply with the insurance company representative’s recommendations

Important! Do not repair the car without the approval from the insurance company..

According to the CMTPL law, within three months after the incident, you must submit claim application and provide the required documents. The Claims Settlement Center of ROSSOSSTRAKH ARMENIA in Yerevan located at 9/4 Halabyan str. (in other regions contact the local branch of the company), All possible variants are given below.

For detailed information contact our round-the-clock Call Center at (012) 88 88 88.