Customer's Rights

Page updated 06.05.2020 08:47

To receive the noted information, a written application must be submitted.

The company will provide copies of the required documents within 5 business days, withholding an amount equal to the cost if provided in hard copy.

Any client who has used the services of Rosgosstrakh-Armenia CJSC and has complaints against the company may appeal to the company with a complaint. During business hours, the company always has a responsible employee who will accept the complaint and answer all questions related to it.

For information regarding the complaint, you can contact the responsible employee of the company at the following telephone number: (010) 59 10 10 (additional 1300).

The company is obliged to give a written response to it within 10 / ten / business days after receiving the complaint.

In case of dissatisfaction with the written response of the company, the client may, in order to protect his rights, contact the office of the mediator of the financial system.

The company did not sign an agreement on the waiver of the right to dispute decisions by the Example of the Financial System in court.