What To Do

Page updated 19.06.2020 14:22

Has something happened to you? Do not panic! We are with you, and we will tell you what to do.

First, call us at (012) 88-88-88. The number works around the clock, and the staff will tell you what to do and what not to do.

The essence of insurance is to receive compensation. In order for us to recover your losses, it is necessary that:

1) What happened to you is registered with the competent authorities

2) You write a claim statement and submitted documents

After that, you will be paid insurance compensation. This whole process is called loss settlement. If the case is recognized as an insured accident, then the insurance company, i.e. we, pay the losses incurred by you (restoration of a damaged car, medical consultation or treatment, etc.).

Your insurance policy contains a time period during which we must pay you your money. For example, under a CASCO policy it is 15 working days. The term for consideration of an application for mandatory liability insurance is established by law and it is different in different situations. However, we try to pay you money faster, although in some cases it does not depend on us.

To create the maximum level of service and convenience for our customers, we provide:


1. Quality

We have professionals. Last year alone, we made payments of almost 4.5 billion drams. 97 percent of people who have received a refund from us are ready to recommend our company to their friends. But we do not rest on our laurels. We closely monitor the quality of service and the professionalism of our specialists.  It has been many years since we have created an entire quality department that deals with improving the services provided to you.


2. Speed

We guarantee that you will be serviced as quickly as possible in our company and will receive payments as soon as possible. We, like you, do not like queues and red tape. Therefore, we have created two Claim Settlement Centers. One is located at Yerevan, Halabyan str. 9/4 and specializes in property damage. The second is in Yerevan on the Vardanants str.15; the employees of this center are insurers and doctors, will settle personal damage, i.e. caused to health. The centers are equipped with modern technology. There we have installed an electronic queue system so that our citizens are as comfortable as possible and people do not have to wait for more than 5 minutes. We have also created the opportunity to take an online ticket for the desired date and time. Just click on the banner on the first page and make your choice. We are doing everything so that you receive the reimbursement promptly, without stress or having to wait anywhere.


3. Transparency

We know a lot about insurance and develop products so that they are beneficial to you. We do not hide anything and honestly tell you in which cases our policy provides insurance coverage and which cases are an exception. All this information is described in detail on those pages of the site that you view before purchasing the policy (see the relevant sections of the site). Because we believe that you should know what you are buying for your money.


4. Reliability

All employees serving you at the settlement stage have extensive experience in dealing with people who are in trouble. They know how to help a client in stress. And they certainly know what needs to be done in each case. Therefore, if you have a case stipulated by your policy, call us first. Nobody will help the way we do and give better advice!


Thank God you are insured! You will not be left alone with your misfortune!