Policy Coverage

Page updated 04.04.2020 16:28

We develop insurance products, taking into account the Armenian market. Therefore, our programs include the most relevant risks, from which we protect our customers. On this page we have listed the main ones.

Under the property insurance policy, you can insure yourself against the following risks:

1. Fire

2. The explosion

3. Damage to water as a result of an accident in water supply, heating, sewage and fire fighting systems, as well as damage to these systems due to exposure to low temperatures

4. Penetration of water and other liquids from neighboring rooms not owned by you

For example: your neighbor went to rest in Dilijan, leaving the water tap turned on. Returning home from work, you notice that the flood is at home: the parquet has swollen, the whitewash of the wall has turned pale, and the TV has deteriorated due to the penetration of water. In such cases, we will indemnify all damage.

5. Vehicle collision

6. Falls of trees

7. Falls of aircraft, parts or cargo

8. Natural disasters (strong wind, typhoon, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, flood, flood, hail, atmospheric precipitation unusual for the area, lightning strike into the insurance object, landslide, collapse, avalanches)

9. Crimes against property (robbery, robbery, intentional damage to property)

For example: This time you went to Dilijan. When you return, you see that the front door is broken, and the old ring cherished by Grandma, which had to be presented to the bride's son, disappeared. If the ring is not found, the company will pay a proportional payment.

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