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Page updated 13.05.2020 08:12

The CMTPL insurance contract is a civilized way to resolve conflicts on the road

CMTPL (Compulsory Motor Third Party Liability Insurance) is a law that has social significance. Any driver, even the most experienced, could be involved in a traffic accident. After all, there is no guarantee that everyone knows how to drive well, that a child will not jump out onto the road, that the road surface will not be icy, or that the taxi driver will not make a very unexpected maneuver. However the collision can also happen by your fault if you are very tired or just didn’t notice a pothole on the road in time and tried to dodge at the last moment.

Then you will have to be held accountable for all the harm done, whether it is a damaged pole or a fallen bumper. Each of us understands that the bill for the damage can be significant. You don’t have to go far for an example  one broken headlight of an expensive car can cost a tidy sum, and if the blow was a strong one ...

The MTPL Agreement protects the car owner from the costs arising from an accident.