Full Product Description

Page updated 01.05.2020 07:22

Since September 01, 2016, certain changes have been made in the OSAGO system

Let's try to explain what new opportunities have been created for drivers.

Drivers involved into road accident can fill out an agreed declaration on their own, take a picture of the accident and leave the scene of the accident without waiting for the arrival  of the insurance company or traffic police representative if:

  • Only 2 cars became participants in the accident, one of which has a valid OSAGO agreement,
  • As a result of the accident, damage was caused only to these two cars,
  • The person who caused the damage admits that he is the only one responsible for the incident, and there is mutual agreement on this issue,
  • The size of the expected compensation does not exceed 100,000 drams.

You can now simply send the information through the application.

For detailed information call as at +(374 12) 88-88-88